Ply Gem Replacement Windows

Is it time to replace your old windows?

Ply Gem makes it easy for you to make the right decision about which replacement windows and doors work best for your home and budget. With a full range of energy-efficient glass and frame choices and style options to choose from, the possible combinations are sure to please your sense of style and your wallet. And, because it’s a Ply Gem window, you can take comfort in knowing that your new windows were built with superior craftsmanship to provide stylish durability.

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are taking quality and value to a whole new level. They come with a convenient tilting sash system that allows for easy cleaning. Integral mulls are available on twin and triple units providing a continuous head and sill for a sleek appearance and enhanced performance.


  • Equal sight-line sash to match traditional wood window appearance.
  • Ventilation limit-locks for added security when windows are partially open. Optional child safety vent latch available.
  • Fusion welded frames and sash stay strong and in place for a lifetime of dependable performance.
  • Fin and pile weather-stripping on both sash and mainframe protect against air,dust and moisture.
  • Constant force balance system.
  • New sleek, low profile design - two cam-action locks on windows over 25" wide.
  • Warm Edge (standard) or Warm Edge+ (optional upgrade) spacer systems and HP or HPMAX glass package options offer increased energy efficiency.
  • Lift rail for ease of operation.
  • Ergonomically designed tilt latch buttons for easy tilting in of both sash makes it easy and safe to clean the exterior of the window.
  • New Generation uiPVC vinyl never needs painting or caulking and resists conducting heat and cold.
  • Extruded aluminum half-screen with fiberglass mesh.
  • SilLock design featuring sloped sill to keep windows dry and weather-tight seal at sill.
  • Integral interlock and dual fin and pile weather-stripping on both sash and mainframe fir protection against air, dust and moisture.

Single Hung Windows

Bring your rooms to life with our attractive single hung windows, which blend the charm of yesterday with the high-tech innovation of today. don't be fooled by the timeless look of these classic windows because each one sports the latest in energy-efficient features.


  • Tilt-in removable sash for safe,easy cleaning of exterior glass and screen.
  • Cam-action sash lock for a weather-tight seal
  • Constant-force coil balance system ensures smooth, easy operation even on large windows.
  • Double-lift rails (upper and lower) make it easy to raise or lower the sash.
  • HP glass package combines Low-E with argon gas fill with our Warm edge spacer system.
  • Continuous weatherstripping stops drafts and leaks.
  • Aluminum frame half-screen with fiberglass mesh.

Casement & Awning Windows

Dressing up your home with European flair has never been so rewarding. With a full 90° sweep, these windows give nature a warm welcome in nice weather. But they work even better at giving bad weather the cold shoulder. Configurations include single or mulled units.


  • Fusion-welded frames and sash stay strong and in place for a lifetime of dependable performance.
  • Easy-to-reach multi-point locking system provides increased security with a single conveniently located handle.
  • New Generation uiPVC vinyl never needs painting or caulking and resists conducting heat and cold.
  • Folding/nested operating handles are standard on all Pro Series casement & awning windows.
  • Upgrade casement windows with the optional stainless steal hardware for protection against corrosion in coastal areas; this option included the operator mechanism arms, sash brackets, hinges, snubbers, tiebars and keepers.

Sliding Windows

For an unobstructed view of the world, look no farther than our eye-catching, energy-efficient, maintenance-free and secure sliding windows. These solidly built and dependable windows slide open like a dream yet seal tightly to keep out the cold and heat. Available in 2-lite and 3-lite configurations.

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