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MODULO has been the undisputed leader of the stone veneer market in Europe since 1984. Over the last 30 years, MODULO has been an innovator, setting the standard in its market and has sold more than 20 million m 2 of leading edge products.

MODULO is continuously in pursuit of creating more value for its customers by providing easier installation methods, products that set design trends, and products of the best quality.

MODULO products are often imitated but never duplicated. The new collection is again setting new standards with the introduction of EASYBLOCK and will truly inspire you!





Easy Fix Easy Said, Easy Done.

Easy to install with its adhesive strips.
Create your wall decor the simplest way with the self adhesive stone veneer MODULO easyfix. Designed for new trends in interior decorating.

Designed for the non-expert do-it-yourselfer
Stone veneer is perceived as difficult to install, and like masonry works, a job for professionals. MODULO easyfix is the answer: no glue, no grout, practical, easy and clean.

Installation Steps:

Position the stone and trace a line to mark its place on the wall
Imagined for new trends in wall design
Stone veneer is perceived as difficult to install, and like most masonry work, a job best left to the professional. No longer! With Modulo easyfix this is a job done well by any amateur with no glue, no grout, practical, easy and clean.
Remove the protective tape over the adhesive strips and press firmly into place
Tested and recommended by our partners and laboratories
Collaboration between our partners and laboratories has brought about this revolutionary product. This product has been certified the CERIB, «Centre de Recherche de l’Industrie du Beton France», after having undergone numerous rigorous tests.

Easy Block... AS EASY AS 1, 2, 3

To provide continuous innovation, Modulo is unveiling its Easyblock line. Simpler than applying wallpaper or paint, Easyblock will transform your surroundings and create interest with its different textures and shapes.

Installation Steps:

Position the stone and trace a line to mark its place.
Always in line with the current trends- Nature, Simplicity, and Vintage
It has never been easier to incorporate the latest trends into your home. Be it vintage bricks to create that New York loft style or bringing nature ‘in’ with a natural stone wall, or even for the minimalistic clutter free style, the Easyblock range has it all.
Scrape the back of the stone, apply the glue and push the stone in place
Ever Easier Installation- designed for the non-expert the handyman
Not only is it design, it is within the reach of the most beginner do-it-yourselfer. Stone veneer is generally perceived as difficult to install, and like most masonry projects, a job for professionals.
With its interlocking plates, the installation is done four times faster , without grout, yielding a professional result.
Grout in between the stones
A new range from Modulo…leader in quality and innovation
Modulo has been providing wall design solutions for more than 30 years. Modulo’s products have stood the test of time and quality. All of the Modulo products are constantly tested to satisfy and exceed all EU norms within the industry.
You can rest assured that when you choose a Modulo product that you are choosing quality, design and innovation.
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