Casa di Sassi Stone Veneer

Classic Old World Italian Style

A wide variety of unique stone veneer so you can accent the interior and exterior of your home. See some of the options below.


Like natural ledge stone found in the hills of Tennessee, our Ledgestone has stunning character. A rough dimensional surface of varying heights and depths creates contrasting shadows that enhance the beauty of this versatile stone. Easily installed, our unique 1" to 6" to 18" pieces stack neatly together creating a uniformed appearance.


Replicated from mid-western quarried stone, this collection is a classic example of stone native to Indiana and Ohio. Our Limestone is available in various natural colors. The rectangular and square coursed stones range from 1” to 12” in height and 4” to 21” in length. We also have a unique 12” by 12” square jumper stone.


Inspired by ancient architecture, Normandy Granite stands apart from all others with a dramatic cut stone design. This stone has a consistent 2” thickness and pieces that range from 6” to 8” in height and up to 24” in length. With timeless beauty, Normandy Granite provides a classic look that stands the test of time.

Old World

Unlike any other manufactured stone product, our Old World line is unique only to Casa di Sassi. This trademark stone is replicated from original hand chiseled foundation stones salvaged from a local 19th century structure. Old World stone, in its striking colors and numerous oversized pieces, has a majestic appearance. This stone ranges in size from 1” to 18” in height and 4” to 21” in length.


Blends are unique combinations of a variety of stones. This exclusive blend creates a natural feel with significant size variations. With rough textures and dimensions, Premier Blends add an authentic warm ambience to any project.


Casa di Sassi’s fieldstone is tailored from actual stones originating in the highlands of the New England states. Along with a handsome, rugged texture, our Fieldstone is dressed with distinct edges for a tight fitting application. This stone ranges from 2” to 10” in height and 3” to 18” in length.

Barn Stone

Barn stones are considered to be artifacts of early American life. Originally, used to form the foundation of homes and barns, early settlers would quarry the stones from slopes, rivers and creeks. Each stone was hand honed using a hammer, pick and chisel to create the correct size and shape. Casa di Sassi Barnstone is cast from these historical stones, capturing the texture, wear and feel of the original foundation stones. Casa do Sassi has brought the beauty and history of Barnstone to the modern world in easy to install patterns of three heights (8", 10", 12") with varying lengths.


The handmade look of Casa di Sassi’s Brick gives it a historic appearance. It compliments nicely with all of our stone products. Because of its 1” thickness our brick blends easily with veneer stone. Also available in 2” thickness it can stand alone on your project without the cost of an expensive foundation. Our jumbo brick measures out at 21/2” in height by 71/2” in length.

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